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the best game ever though a little graphical

Great game but

Great game, but im not sure how to connect to the online part... if anyone knows how to please let me know

Endless action

This is a great game. Endless action, many campaigns and best of all its fun to play. Now waiting for Call of Duty 3.


When I start the game it freezes my whole imac 27" i7 2g video card. 16g RAM… with the amount of money I have paid for this mac I assumed I wouldnt have these problems. I just abandoned PCs for a mac and Im regreting it.


The game was fun like any other Call of Duty game. I beat the game in a day and a half. The graphics are not as good as the Xbox 360. But what more can you ask for? If youre debating to buy it or not I would recommend it to anyone who has played call of duty. Ohh and its alot like World at War. Im not sure if it is World at War because it olny says Call of Duty. Long story short…Good Game.. and would certainly buy the other call of duty games. :)

its not good its AMAZING!

best game i have ever played in my life. great graphics and amazing camping and really epic multiplayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! definetly worth buying! :)

Multi-player downloads from servers

Ive emails Aspyr regarding this apps inability to download from servers. Youre unable to connect to servers without their maps or special weapons. Older version of COD for Mac work fine. Ive downloaded this app to brand new Macs with same result. Almost all servers that offer custom maps or weapons are inaccessible with this COD version available from the app store. If youre looking to use the latest Mac OS to play COD online, you will be disappointed. Dont hold your breath for Aspyr to resolve it either. Their response was that they encountered no issues with their servers. The issue are the servers players go to, if it worked with previous versions then somethings been broke and there isnt the revenue stream to make it worthwhile for Aspyr to pursue. If Aspyr support sees this maybe theyll test it out for themselves. The problem is the version of COD not the servers, your older versions available on CD and updates (pre-app store) worked just fine.

not working

every time i tape on single player there says thers a problem with my computer its just when you want to play CoD it doesnt work

Really Good

Great game, all of the CODs are and the fact that they work on Macs is awesome. Yes the gameplay is a bit graphic but you can adjust the settings to counteract that if youd like. All told though, after playing all of the other CODs, it was nice to see where the series started and although it has come a long way in the quality of the graphics and realism, this, the first installment is still really great.

Call of disappointment

Looking forward to playing this game on my new iMac, bought only a week ago. Wont play multiplayer or single player. The system just crashes and restarts the computer. wonder if Aspyr even cares?

Wont run

Just purchased a new iMac quad core, and shuts down just as you start game. Downloaded twice and still restarts computer. Aspyr needs to fix this problem. Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4 work just great.

Crashes on launch

The game crashes on launch (I have a recent iMac). The link to the Aspyr support page is missing most of the fields you would enter. Seems like I am without help and spent $25 for nothing?

Old but good

That is an excellent old game. I spend hours to have fun.

I love this app!!

If you will start this game, you are able to take easy controlling rather quickly. This game is given to me nervous during playing game because this game has a lot of thrill scene and that has pseudo-experience like a battlefield to me.


Mac App Storeからダウンロードした場合の手順 1.ネットで検索し日本語化Mod「」をダウンロードする 2.ダウンロードしたファイルを展開する 3.Call of通常、アプリケーションフォルダー内)のプロパティーから「パッケージの内容を表示」を選択、   /Contents/Call of Duty Data/Main フォルダに移動する 4.展開先のファイル 「z_japanese.pk3」 を Main フォルダにコピーする   ※「z_japanese.pk3」をMain フォルダから別の場所に移すか、ファイル自体を削除することで英語に戻る 5.通常通りゲームを起動し日本語字幕でスタートすれば成功 プレイ環境 MacBook Air 11-inch, Mid 2011 プロセッサ 1.8 GHz Intel Core i7 メモリ 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 グラフィックス Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB ソフトウェア Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1(11B2118)

Play It On Hard

Dont play it too much on a setting which is too easy for you, you might ruin your appetite for it later.


Yosemiteでは設定のキーボードから入力ソースの選択を選び、English-US を追加して、入力を切り替えれば(USを追加したらCommand+Spaceで US入力も選択できるようになる。)正常に動作する。

Horrible Performance!!!

I have a 2010 MacBook Pro with 2.0 Ghz processor, 8 Mb RAM, ample HD space, and whatever the standard graphic card is for 2010 MacBooks... And, game hangs every second (literally) so I have a horribly slowed-down stop-motion on the screen. Although my system is not the newest out there, but it is still much higher than the minimum specs advertised at Mac Store. I think this is a rip off!!!

Great Game

by one who loves good games. - Version 1.5.5 - June 19, 2014 I’ve played CoD 2 and 4 and even though this is an earlier game it is just as great. Didn’t know I could play this one on a Mac, I thought CoD and CoD 3 were just for PC’s. I’m not finished with this game yet, but it sure is neat. Love riding in a vehicle and shooting. I’m playing as a Greenhorne and I tell you it ain’t easy. No! This game is not too expensive, this is a full fledge game. I hope Apple Supports more top notch games like this for the Mac. Very hard to play a game like this on a iPad.

It depends what you want

If you have windows on mac, then do not get it. This version does not have have the United Assault dlc as the original call of duty has on steam. If you do not have windows, then get it this version is fine. It just dissapoints me that this verson does not have the United Assult dlc. Also the steam verson supports mods unlike this verson.

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